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testosterone replacement therapyTestosterone is a  hormone  which plays a major  role in a number of  bodily functions including fat distribution, sex drive, muscle mass, and bone density. This important hormone peaks during early adulthood and declines as you get older….. Blood levels vary greatly from (1100) for a young man in his 20s to (300) for a healthy male in his late 40s.
Maintaining higher levels of testosterone helps  keep a man feeling energetic and confident and plays an integral role in maintaining an active sex drive as well as the  the ability to perform sexually. Higher levels of testosterone also lead to greater feelings of confidence, leading to an  increase of drive and ambition. While too much aggression can be detrimental, too little testosterone driven aggression can leave a man feeling lethargic and depressed.
Testosterone is also a necessary addition to many training programs for today's elite athletes. Although banned in many sports,  testosterone therapy is still an integral  component of many of today's sports including:  body building, boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling,  football, track in field, and many more.
We can provide the expertise to insure a successful 10 week cycle as well as a post cycle, to meet your athletic goals and give you the edge that you've been looking for, while minimizing adverse side effects.
Some of the symptoms of low testosterone include:
         Decrease of sex drive
         Increase of body fat
         Reduced muscle mass
         Less energy
         Loss of motivation
         Sleep disorders, insomnia 
Unfortunately many of these symptoms are attributed to natural aging and go untreated. 
If you are over the age of 40 and display any of the symptoms listed above, a simple blood test is all that is needed to diagnose low testosterone. Once your blood level is established your doctor will prescribe an affordable replacement therapy, usually consisting of an injection once a week.  
We offer two types of testosterone therapy at a fraction of the cost of  US doctors..... testosterone replacement therapy (HRT) and performance enhancement therapy. (for bodybuilders and athletes)
The first step is to call  (or e-mail) us for a referral to an affordable blood testing lab in your area. We recommend Health One Labs. They have over 2000 locations and can usually have your lab results back within 2 or 3 days. Required tests include a  PSA test to measure prostate health as well as a men's hormone panel including:  testosterone, (both free and serum),  and a estradiol test. 
We also need you to fill out a medical history questionnaire and consent for treatment form. Once we have your lab results we forward all of your information to the doctor for evaluation. The doctor will recommend a treatment plan and prescribe  any medication needed. It's that easy. Low cost testosterone is mailed  directly to your home including: injectable testosterone, syringes, drawing needles, and alcohol swabs.    A second blood test is required about 8 weeks later, to monitor blood levels and adjust medication dosage if necessary.  This is an affordable and effective therapy that can make you feel years younger. 
Information on  performance enhancement therapy is located on a dedicated page.
Many people feel years younger after just a few short weeks of treatment. Get your virility back today.  
Call us today to get started.
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