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affordable health care south of the borderTHE PROCESS
There are a couple of ways to benefit from our medically supervised therapies….

You have the choice of interacting  with our medical professionals in person, or by phone.  Call us today for more information. 
US 800-704-5070     
MX 01-800-681-9285
First we recommended that  you make an appointment to visit our offices in Tijuana MX/ We are just minutes away from the  border, 30 minutes from downtown San Diego,  and less than 2 1/2  hours from Los Angeles. We can help you with your travel arrangements ensuring  the perfect “medical vacation.” Our office is also just 20 minutes from the resort town of  Rosarito Beach . The beaches here are beautiful, the food is great, and people are warm and friendly. Rosarito Beach does not have the problems that some of the other border towns have and is still a safe and desirable tourist destination. Call us for directions.  
The alternative to visiting us in Mexico is to call  us. 

We start with a quick evaluation to make sure you are a candidate for one of our therapies and to answer any questions you might have. We want  you to understand the steps involved for any possible treatment as well as the costs. We believe in total transparency and publish our prices.    
The next step  is to set up a time for your blood draw and lab work at a lab location near you. We recommend  Health One Labs  with over 2000 locations nationwide. We usually have your results within 3 days. We also need you to fill out and return a medical history questionnaire and consent for treatment form. Once you have  your lab results we forward all of your information  to one of our medical professionals for evaluation and treatment plan before prescribing your medication.
It's that easy!!  Prescriptions are usually  shipped within 3 days of receiving payment. You can expect your medication to be delivered within a week.
Once you have received your medication we recommend that you call us. We will give you specific instructions in administering your medication.  Please call us today!
US 800-704-5070        MX 01-800-681-9285
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