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Welcome to The Wellness Group MX. 
We represent a group of medical professionals specializing in anti-aging medicine. Our goal is to enhance vitality and quality of life through the use of supplementation and low cost hormone replacement therapy.
Many researchers believe that recent breakthroughs in stem cell rejuvenation, advanced nutrition, and hormone replacement therapy will enable humans to live a very long time. Not only will we live longer, we will feel better and live a more active life. There are therapies available today that can make you look and feel years younger. Unfortunately these therapies are rarely covered by health insurance. The future looks bright... if you can afford it. 
The cost of health care in America has sky-rocketed. Most insurance companies only treat  conditions and are rarely proactive in preventing disease. Our pharmaceutical companies have a financial interest in keeping us sick, and promote medicines to treat symptoms rather than curing diseases.  As our population ages, the health care problem will get worse. If you want a proactive anti-aging  therapy you will have to pay for it. 
There is a solution….. 
affordable health care south of the borderThe Wellness Group MX offers an alternative to the high cost of American health care. Our doctors are in Mexico, just minutes from the border. You can interact with medical professionals over the phone, on-line, or in person.  Prescriptions are also filled in Mexico. You can pick up your medication in person or we can mail it  directly to your home. We specialize in  low cost HGH and  testosterone therapies at a fraction of the cost of US doctors. 
US 800-704-5070        MX 01-800-681-9285
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